Our belief

In a world shaped by science, technology and innovation, we believe that early interaction with the latest technology is the best way to prepare your child for his or her future, irrespective of education or career path. Indeed, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 65% of kids today will be in jobs that have yet to be invented.

TechSpark Academy strives to spark curiosity and the learning process by introducing students to industry-standard software and tools used to build apps, websites or games, robotics and much more…

Our mission is to empower your child with an understanding of our digital world and a desire to learn.

“Tech Spark is a great time to learn about tech stuff. I think it is great!”

“You learn a lot and have fun”

“Once this course has ended I can use my knowledge to create useable apps for OSX!”

“It was interesting and fun”

“Do it it will be fun”

“The best part was when the robot was moving!”

“Its cool and you learn a lot”

“I would say that it is really good and it teaches me a lot of stuff about coding”

“You have lots of fun but you also learn a lot. My favourite things about the camp: Taking pictures outside and then using Lightroom & Photoshop to create something cool. “

“Fun, adventure, relaxation”

Because code is rarely perfect the first time, kids have to look at where errors occur and then troubleshoot (“debug”) their code. Regardless of their future paths, this analytical thinking is a critical life skill.

-Camille McCue, Ph.D., author of Coding For Kids For Dummies

The concept

Your child’s future is inevitably tech-filled, yet traditional education rarely reflects this, failing to equip kids with increasingly in-demand skills.

We aim to counteract this by offering fun and up-to-date courses to 8- to 18-year-olds. Whether your child is passionate about technology or just curious, there’s a spot for him or her at TechSpark Academy!

Covering 7 different STEM areas, our interactive courses are delivered in small groups (1:5 instructor-student ratio) by expert instructors following a hands-on approach. Your child will be encouraged to think, create and develop curiosity for what’s powering the future.

Courses are delivered in different formats – camps, in-school sessions and workshops – but with the same objective: spark your child’s interest in technology and prepare him or her to thrive in tomorrow’s digital world.

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Instructor - Student Ratio

Our core team

At the heart of TechSpark Academy is a team of dedicated education and tech enthusiasts sharing the same priority – creating a fun and rewarding experience for your child. Coupling an array of skills and years of experience, the team is able to ensure that any amount of time spent with TSA is enriching, both educationally and socially.



Co-founder & CEO

An innovation-marketing consultant, Medtech expert and instructor at InnoSuisse, the Swiss Government’s innovation promotion agency, Marta has been working on TSA’s development since its creation in August 2015.



Partner & Head of Operations
North East Switzerland

A former investment banker, Kate has run TSA in the Swiss-German region since moving there in 2017. She championed the “digital discovery workshops” concept to give students a flavor of what coding is all about.



Co-founder & business
development advisor

Ted studied Life Sciences at EPFL and spent 3 years at McKinsey & Co. in Geneva and Boston. He then completed an MBA at INSEAD in Singapore, and is now CEO of a young Medtech start-up in Paris



Digital Communications Advisor

Kelly is a social brand strategist and Digital Communications professional with a passion for people, the great outdoors, and helping everyone get excited about technology.

Our experts

Supporting the core team, our young and inspirational advisors make sure course content is appropriate and up-to-date, and help us recruit the best instructors. We know that an instructor can make all the difference. That’s why all of our courses are taught by dynamic and motivated EPFL and ETHZ students handpicked for their exceptional knowledge, passion for education and ability to inspire and mentor students.



Advisor & instructor

Currently completing his MSc in Communication Systems at EPFL, Cedric has taught many courses in different locations and is one of our lead instructors for TSA’s after-school activities in Lausanne.



Advisor, course developer and instructor

Herman is currently completing his MSc in Communication Systems at ETHZ with a focus on Neural Systems and Computation. He has worked on the development of various courses and supports the continuous development of teaching methods.



Advisor & instructor

Having obtained her bachelor degree in Athens, Elli has an MSc in Computer Science from ETHZ, and is now working on her post graduate education. She is eager to broaden her horizons in both knowledge and experience.

For every student sign-up we donate CHF 5 to Espoir Jeunes, to help children in Africa create a better future for themselves

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