Learn Python, the programming language taught at top tier Universities!

Build your own digital game or app with Python and get ready for University!

Whether you are interested in computer science, engineering, life sciences or indeed business or the arts, Python is a great way to prepare for (or complement) university education.

Why? “Python grants citizenship in the data-driven economy!”. Bocconi University’s Rector, Gianmario Verona, says.

Python for Business– More and more business schools are teaching computer science to their first-year students, and choosing Python to do so. And it is going down to the undergraduate level. Starting in academic year 2017-18 Bocconi University, one of Europe’s top ranked business schools, will offer a Python programming course to all Bachelor students. “Coding is the new English”, everyone agrees! Grant your teen citizenship in the data-driven economy

Python for Life Sciences – Python is taught in Life Science departments, including at Lausanne’s Swiss Institute of Technology/EPFL because it is ideal for biological data analysis. Python can be used to automate lab calculations, search for gene promoter sequences, rotate a molecular bond, simulate a flu epidemic, and more. Have fun with Python and get ready for your life science career!

Python for Engineers – Python is taught around the world including (just to name a few), at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering in Cambridge, UK, at Imperial College’s Centre for Computational Methods in Science and Engineering (CMSE) in London, UK and of course at the EPFL in Lausanne and at the ETHZ in Zurich. Explore Python now!

Python for Computer Scientists – Python is one of the most popular introductory Computer Science (CS) languages at top-ranked U.S. departments. Eight of the top 10 CS departments (80%), and 27 of the top 39 (69%), teach Python in introductory CS0 or CS1 courses. Top-ranked CS departments at MIT and UC Berkeley recently switched their introductory courses to Python! What is there not to like: register for our Python course now!

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