Enroll to TechSpark Academy Camps 2018

Thank you for your interest in TechSpark Academy!

Please choose one of our upcoming Coding Camps

About our Coding Camps

  • Courses are designed ages of 9-18 and taught in English, the language of code.
  • Classes are grouped by age and level
  • Our EPFL/ETH instructors are bilingual English/French or English/German, so your child is free to ask questions in either language
  • Courses run from 10 AM to 6 PM with breaks for fresh air and even a sport’s break (basketball/football and more) over lunch

Logistic and Equipment

  • All students are expected to come with their own computer, unless otherwise stated.
  • Some schools provide lunch facilities; others are not able to do so. Students are asked to bring their own packed lunch, unless otherwise stated (depends on the course location).
  • We provide healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • The last day of each camp is parent open doors, as of 4 PM

Registration Fee

  • A five-day course is CHF 1’300, per student for the week. Early-bird and school specific discounts apply.
  • A four-day course is CHF 1’050, per student for the week. Early-bird and school specific discounts apply.
  • We are pleased to announce that financial assistance is available for select applicants. Please ask your son or daughter to send a letter of motivation to marta@techsparkacademy.ch for consideration.

Course specific information

  • Robotics and 3D printing may be subject to extra charges for materials at EPFL/ETHZ supply prices. We will inform you ahead of time. (There is no extra charge for any other course)
  • Digital Photography and Film courses require a camera or smartphone.
  • Swift, Python, and Cyber awareness courses don’t require any additional equipment