even more fun with DIGITAL AND SPORTS (NEW!)

Tech or Sport? Why choose when you can do both!

TechSpark Academy and top sports instructors have teamed up to offer an action-packed summer camp experience combining digital technologies and sports. This combination camp allows students to get familiar with the latest technology, preparing them for an ultra-digital future, while also engaging in physical activity, central to a student’s well-being and enhanced learning.

The digital component covers several TechSpark Academy courses, which vary for each camp. You can select the course of your choice when signing up!

The sports component covers an exciting combination of core athletic skills. Students will work to build stable foundations of movement coordination, balance, and flexibility.  Activities include individual and collective sports, as well as sessions on sports nutrition, injury prevention, mind training and mindfulness. 

This course can welcome a maximum of 6 students. Sign up early to secure your spot!  

  • Recommended age: 8+
  • None: Desire to learn & have fun…
  • Digital – basic digital concepts and skills relevant to the chosen course
  • Sports – individual and collective sports, about sports nutrition, injury prevention, mind training and mindfulness
  • Their own digital game, movie, app etc. depending on the chosen course.
Meet the Creators of this course
Marta Gehring & Kate Mckee
Marta & Kate have designed this new program mix to keep students engaged, active and entertained. Physical activity is an important part of a balanced life-style and is proven to enhance cognitive function in students of all ages.

For every student sign-up we donate CHF 5 to Espoir Jeunes, to help children in Africa create a better future for themselves