Cyber Awareness for Teens: “Hacking and Defense”

The best defense is a good offense.

Learning how to be prepared is essential to protect yourself online from fraud and other cyber security threats. Being prepared arms you with a compass to navigate the overwhelming online world, sorting through the real from the fake.

Cybercrime has dramatically increased in recent years, and it isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. The Hacking and Defense course opens your eyes to this intricate world and prepares you to be ready.

We base our course on real-world examples and exercises. You will learn what is involved with proactively defending yourself against online threats. So be ready to find solutions using not only logic and fundamental programming skills, but also creativity and resourcefulness!

Hackers hack because they love learning by playing around. Our teachers will guide you, but you will be asked to teach yourself and your classmates!


  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • No programming experience required, but you should be comfortable with computers and curious to learn how they work
  • Laptop and USB key


  • Hacker mindset, hacker ethics and lore and how to find „hacky“ solutions
  • Google-Fu, how to ask good questions and do your own recon and research
  • Crash course in how to doxxing, phishing and social engineering work (and how to defend against them!)
  • Attack and extract secret data from a “secured” laptop and break the decryption
  • Attack an insecure server over a network. Then you will defend it!
  • Break into wireless networks and capture and read communication
  • Physical attacks: rubber duckies, bad USB keys driveby attacks
  • How to secure yourself and your systems against all the above!


  • Write brute force attack software to crack insecure passwords
  • Create your very own attack live system
  • Set up a secure server by fixing the security configuration
  • Set up personal security infrastructure on your phone, laptop and home network
  • A demonstration for your parents so they are not worried about what you can do with your new hacker powers

Our Module Developer

Igor Krawczuk
Igor is an electrical engineering student at the Technical University (TU) in Munich and a research intern at the EPFL. His studies and research have a strong focus on artificial intelligence, and he is an enthusiastic attendee at hackathons. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to develop this course with his guidance and support!
Igor Krawczuk Hacking and Defense Course Module Development