Want to get involved?


Are you an educational institution looking to enrich your portfolio with hands-on STEM courses?

Are you a motivated EPFL/ETHZ student eager to teach or advise?

Are you an enterprise wanting to sponsor an activity or student?

Are you an enthusiastic parent eager to promote STEM learning, at your child’s school or elsewhere?

We would love to hear from you!

If you are in Western Switzerland/Ticino contact us at marta@techsparkacademy.ch.

If you are in the Swiss-German region contact us at kate@techsparkacademy.ch.

Things to consider

TechSpark Academy recruits EPFL and ETHZ students to teach and mentor students.

As such, we are able to organize in-school sessions in locations proximal to these two universities only.

Please note that we are not able to organize any events that clash with student exam periods:

  • EPFL: January to early February & mid-June to early July
  • ETHZ: Mid-December to mid-January & early/mid- to end August

We do, however, organize camps and weekend workshops across Switzerland, and, depending on the location, are able to source from both EPFL and/or ETHZ.

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