After-School Sessions

TechSpark runs after-school clubs and intra-curricular sessions at selected schools for digital fun and learning every week (some are open to the public)

“This lesson was very good, because you learn lots of things about programming.”

“It was fun and I really understand python now.”

“It was interesting and fun”

“If you are even remotely interested in programming, it is worth it!”

“You learn a lot and have fun”

“It’s so cool, it’s fun. It’s not that difficult…AND you can create a game which is really cool!”

“It was awesome”

“The best part was when the robot was moving!”

“It’s cool and you learn a lot”

“That this course was useful in explaining both python and general coding knowledge”

“You should really do this course, you will really enjoy it and you will have everything explained and it is the best!”

“I learned really quickly, and programming is fun. My teacher was very nice and patient, he explains things very well”

“It was really fun”

“Viens, on apprend à hacker, c’est genial”

“Its awesome! Really!! You should try it and u get to learn how o hack and defend! Its lit!”


  • Regular coaching in robotics and coding, either as an optional after-school club or integrated in the core curriculum
  • Clubs and sessions taught by inspiring EPFL or ETHZ students
  • Clubs and sessions taught in English, the language of code
  • Bilingual one-on-one support (English-French in the Western region and English-German in the Swiss-German region)
  • All students are expected to bring their own laptop 
  • Fees vary from school to school, and are determined in partnership with each institution
  • Unless stated otherwise, registration takes place directly with the specific institution

Lakeside School Küsnacht Coding Club

(open to the public)

Grade 2 – 4

March 3rd – July 7th, 2022

every Thursday afternoon

Lakeside School Horgen
Coding Club

(exclusive to Lakeside students)

Grade 3+

August 30th, 2021 – Feb 7th, 2022

every Monday afternoon

Inter-Community School Zürich FIRST LEGO League Teams

(exclusive to ICSZ students)
6th-10th graders

Starting September 2021

every Tuesday & Thursday afternoon

Inter-Community School Zürich FIRST LEGO League Explore

(exclusive to ICSZ students)
3rd-5th graders

Starting November 2021

every Wednesday afternoon

Virtual Private Lessons

Ages 8 -16

Across Switzerland

Online via Zoom

At your convenience

Zug City

Coding Clubs

Starting Sept 2021

every Wednesday afternoon

(open to the public)

Grades 2-6

Collège Champittet
Coding Clubs

(open to the public)
Ages 9-14

 September 23 to June

every Thursday afternoon


Brillantmont International School Intracurricular sessions

(exclusive to Brillantmont students)
7th-8th graders

 September to June

Basel City @ EduCampus Saturday Coding Club

(open to the public)

ages 8 – 18 years old

 September to December
every Saturday morning