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Meet MALTI REDEKER – TechSpark 2019 Girls Coding Ambassador

TechSpark Academy team are excited to introduce Malti Redeker as our 2019 Coding for Girls Ambassador.

Stay tuned for Malti’s inspiring blog posts and contributions focused on encouraging more girls to try coding, including her recount of TechSpark & Google Cybersecurity Weekend in Zurich!

Name: Malti Redeker
Age: 16 years old
Location: Switzerland
About: Malti is an active member of her school’s coding club and was selected to participate in TechSpark & Google’s Annual Cybersecurity for Teens event in 2019.
Background: half Indian, half German
Languages: English and German.
Other important information: 🤩 Loves Asian food. If she had to be a fruit or vegetable – Malti would be a lemon!