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TechSpark Academy Giving Association

TSA Giving Announcement – 1st May 2019: 

We are delighted to announce the foundation of TechSpark Academy Giving non-profit association.

Our mission:

TechSpark Academy Giving’s mission is to introduce young people to computer languages, technologies and skills for which demand is increasing exponentially. Our approach calls for bringing together 9-18 years olds with motivated university students to inspire them to learn and create with the power of technology.

What do we teach?

We expose young people to modern programming languages (such as Python and Swift) to critical skills (Cybersecurity), and to technologies (Robotics, 3D printing) that will become increasingly critical to their future – whatever career path they take. We emphasize the latter point. Not everyone can be or wants to be a computer scientist/software engineer, but we would like all young people to know something about  digital technologies and to experience what they can create with the power of code.

Our main GIVING activities:

TechSpark’s giving activities are focused on three pillars:

  1. Provision of scholarships
  2. Execution of free discovery days to spark young people’s interest in digital education
  3. Collaboration on public relations activities to spread the message that code can be accessible to all young people

“TechSpark Academy Giving” non-profit Association is designed to accompany the work done by TechSpark Academy since 2015.

We are grateful to Mr. Julian Stern of “Bénévolat Vaud” at the « Centre des compétences pour la vie associative » for his helpful suggestions and comments in setting up our Association.

Go to our website: