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“It is awesome and cool”

“Its fun”

“My favourite things about the camp: Taking pictures outside and then using Lightroom Photoshop to create something cool.”

“I learned really quickly, and programming is fun. My teacher was very nice and patient, he explains things very well”

“If you are even remotely interested in programming, it is worth it!”

“Go for it”

“In 4 days, we managed to cover a lot of ground in Python without getting too theoretical. Amazing!”

“Once this course has ended I can use my knowledge to create useable apps for OSX!”

“it was really fun”

“Its cool and you learn a lot”

“Viens, on apprend à hacker c’est genial”

“This course is the perfect place to start learning coding”

“It’s so cool, it’s fun. It’s not that difficult…AND you can create a game which is really cool!”

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Why learn to Code?

Isn’t it time our teens and children learn how to code? Code is everywhere. It’s powering our smart homes, our smart cities and our smartphones. According to a  study by le Figaro, European teens are spending up to one-fifth of their time during the week on media!

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Coding for Girls with Nexthink

Ces vacances d’Octobre, inscrivez-vous à nos ateliers!

De nos jours, où nous sommes entourés de technologie au quotidien, pouvons-nous accepter de ne pas nous intéresser au monde informatique? “Certainement pas!”, déclare le comité de la diversité de Nexthink.

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