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Camps, after-school classes & weekend workshops to have fun with technology

across Switzerland. Taught by top EPFL & ETHZ student instructors.

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Swiss Universities: First in class Institutions and undiscovered gems English Bachelor programmes in the heart of Europe In this blog post Switzerland: One of the

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#TechSparkAcademy is ready for spring.

Check out our April Coding Camp in Zug, April 26-29.
We have programs for Teens and Juniors.

#Coding #Python #Animation https://www.facebook.com/events/459685698493675/

Make #STEM Fun: Tools Your Science-Loving Kids Can Benefit From. https://www.3benefitsof.com/make-stem-fun-tools-your-science-loving-kids-can-benefit-from/ #tech #education

If you are wondering what to expect at #TechSparkAcademy Camps, check out what other students say about us: https://buff.ly/2J0kHtL #TechSparkDigital #TechSparkEducation #Switzerland #coding #EdTech

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