These Terms and Conditions set forth obligations applicable to both parents and children attending TechSpark Academy Camps & Events organized by the company TechSpark Academy, c/o sbg Consulting, Chemin des Ramiers 8, 1009 Pully, Switzerland.


  1. Children ages 8-18 can participate in TechSpark Academy courses and activities.
  2. The language spoken at camp is English, reasonable knowledge is a pre-requisite. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you confirm your child(ren) has sufficient language skills for participation in TechSpark Academy Camps.
  3. The directors reserve the right, at their discretion, to withdraw any student whose influence, actions or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory, dangerous or incompatible to the Camp/Session community or who will not comply with the rules and policies of the Camp/Session. If this occurs, no reduction or return of fee, or any part thereof will be made. Parents will also be responsible for any extra costs associated with returning their child home early.
  4. Children are required to maintain the highest standard of conduct at all times. Using profanity, disparaging dialogues, physical violence, racial profiling, bullying, threats or other forms of disruptive behaviour during participation in TechSpark Academy Camps/Sessions is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Children may be asked to leave a camp if not refraining from any one of such behaviours, following proper warning. No refund will be issued in such circumstances.
  5. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, and unless otherwise specified in written form, the responsible parent confirms his/her acceptance that his/her child may be pictured/photographed and that such material can be used by TechSpark Academy and/or our business partners for promotion.
  6. The copyright of all photography appearing on our brochures or websites belongs to TechSpark Academy. No reproduction may be made without prior permission from the TechSpark Academy management.
  7. In the event that a parent cannot be reached if an emergency arises when the child is under TechSpark Academy supervision, by accepting this Terms and Condition, the parent gives permission for TechSpark to act on their behalf in the best interest of the child.
  8. All prescription medicine provided by a licensed Doctor must be turned into the camp/event staff upon arrival with instructions in English. These will be dispensed by camp staff only.
  9. All your child’s personal belongings are their own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to TechSpark Academy negligence. Expensive and treasured items such as jewelry, designer clothes or shoes, trainers, tech gadgets etc., should not be brought to the camp.
  10. Parents agree to pay for property damage caused directly, or indirectly, as a result of negligent action of their child.
  11. Robotics courses carry a surcharge of CHF100 – 130 depending on the projects/kits.
  12. Non-reusable kits: applicable fee will be invoiced directly to the parent/guardian at the start of the course.
  13. Reusable kits: should the student wish to keep their kit at the end of the course, TechSpark Academy reserves the right to invoice the parent directly for the applicable fee.


  1. All camp/event fees are payable before the start of each event via online payment system or bank transfer(if requested in advance).
  2. Late payments and payment reminders(invoices generated after online payment link expires or the event has commenced) are subject to additional charges of CHF 30 and CHF 50 respectively.
  3. Payment reminders issued after 31st December for any payments due in the previous calendar year are subject to an additional transitional accounting fee of CHF 100 charged on top of the reminder fee.
  4. Payments outstanding beyond third & final reminder may be referred to external debt collection agencies, incurring further fees.
  5. Promotional Offers/Codes are not applicable for any payments made after the camp/event commenced.


TechSpark Academy trusts our customers to use discount and promotional codes correctly and appropriately.

  1. Partner School promo codes are reserved to students and staff at the respective schools and may not be transferred to external participants.
  2. Sibling & Friend promo codes are reserved for families enrolling more than one child for any individual camp, or for friends enrolled to attend the same camp.
  3. In the event that TechSpark Academy is alerted to misuse or misapplication of promo codes – they reserve the right to invoice the responsible party for the fee difference and administrative fee of CHF 100.


  1. If a registration is cancelled due to medical reasons or extenuating circumstances that can be fully documented with a written explanation, TechSpark Academy may offer a refund(less registration deposit CHF 300) or offer to re-enroll the child for another camp. 
  2. If a course or event has to be cancelled or postponed due to “force majeure” or a human initiated action that cannot be predicted, including for example unexpected weather events such as storm or earthquake, a voucher will be issued to attend another event of the student’s choice. This voucher can be used at any time for a two year period.
  3. If a registration is cancelled for any other reason before course commencement, no refund will be issued.

By payment of any sum to TechSpark Academy, you are acknowledging your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of TechSpark Academy as described herein.


Participation in TechSpark Academy requires you to share both yours and your child’s personal information with TechSpark Academy, including names, addresses, emails, payment related data and banking data. Below is a brief description of how TechSpark Academy will use your information:

  • TechSpark Academy, c/o sbg Consulting, Chemin des Ramiers 8, 1009 Pully, Switzerland.
    will keep your information on file.
  • TechSpark Academy will use personal information collected for the purpose of proactive communication and conducting of TechSpark Academy Program your child applied for.
  • Third parties may be used to keep and update this information in Switzerland or in other countries whose privacy laws may not be the same as those in the country where you live. TechSpark Academy will require those third parties to store your information securely and not use it for any reasons other than what is described on this form.
  • TechSpark Academy employees, ETHZ and EPFL instructors will be able to access some of your information if their work reasonably requires access to fulfil the purposes stated on this form.
  • Documents related to your interaction with TechSpark Academy may be reviewed by TechSpark Academy internal corporate audit department or its external auditors.
  • TechSpark Academy will share your information to respond to information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law.
  • In very rare circumstances, where national, state, or company security is at issue, TechSpark Academy will share our entire database of visitors and customers with appropriate governmental authorities.