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Why learn to Code?

Isn’t it time our teens and children learn how to code? Code is everywhere. It’s powering our smart homes, our smart cities and our smartphones. According to a  study by le Figaro, European teens are spending up to one-fifth of their time during the week on media!

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Digital Made Simple – ISL PTA Event Friday 7 February 2020

Do you feel out of date? Want to be more in tune with what your kids are learning?

Join us on Friday 7 February to discover and demystify computer code, the essence of the digital age. Bring your own PC or Mac if you want to participate in the hands on portion, and enjoy our interactive workshop, while networking with other parents.

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"I recommend TechSpark to all - they have an eclectic range of courses for all ages and kids ranging from hungry learners to enthusiastic athletes. " Check out more reviews. #coding #tech #kids #Switzerland https://www.facebook.com/pg/TechSparkAcademy/reviews/?ref=page_internal

How to keep kids productively occupied during #COVID-19.

#TechSparkAcademy has compiled a list of online resources and recommendations to help keep your children engaged. #tech #kids #coding #education https://techsparkacademy.ch/quarantine-with-your-kids-here-are-some-ideas-to-get-them-to-code/

The Benefits of Learning Science in Early Childhood via @lynch39083 #kids #education #STEM https://www.theedadvocate.org/the-benefits-of-learning-science-in-early-childhood/

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