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Camps, after-school classes & weekend events to have fun with technology across Switzerland

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TechSpark Academy @ HOME

Virtual Classes @ Home with TechSpark Academy!

We are delighted to offer some of our most popular courses virtually at your convenience. Learn from our best instructors on your own schedule.

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Why learn to Code?

Isn’t it time our teens and children learn how to code? Code is everywhere. It’s powering our smart homes, our smart cities and our smartphones. According to a  study by le Figaro, European teens are spending up to one-fifth of their time during the week on media!

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Tech or Sport? Why choose when you can do both! #TechSparkAcademy and top sports instructors have teamed up to offer an action-packed summer camp experience. https://techsparkacademy.ch/courses/digital-and-multisport-camp/

Learn more. #kids #education #summercamps

Explore how #coding develops a child’s analytic and creative thinking, transforming them into a master problem solver. via @RWW #education #kids #tech https://readwrite.com/2019/10/10/the-overlooked-benefits-of-teaching-kids-to-code/

. @islausanne is launching a five-days digital camps in July, during the summer holidays, in collaboration with #TechSparkAcademy.

Find out more and register. #tech #science #STEM https://www.facebook.com/events/242359843449935/

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