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TechSpark Academy @ HOME

Virtual Classes @ Home with TechSpark Academy!

We are delighted to offer some of our most popular courses virtually at your convenience. Learn from our best instructors on your own schedule.

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Cybercrime is increasing and can strike at any time.

Good preparation is essential to protecting oneself against fraud and other #cybersecurity threats. Learn more about our Hacker mode course. https://techsparkacademy.ch/courses/hacker-mode/ #TechSparkAcademy #TechSparkDigital #coding

Code Literacy: Why #Coding Became Important. https://interestingengineering.com/code-literacy-why-coding-became-important #tech #education

Swiss Olympiad in Informatics: Team prepares for the SOI challenge. Meet the students who dare to dare…

https://techsparkacademy.ch/swiss-olympiad-in-informatics-team-prepares-for-the-soi-challenge/ #Switzerland #tech #TechSparkAcademy

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