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Camps, after-school classes & weekend events to have fun with technology across Switzerland

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Coding for Girls with Nexthink

Ces vacances d’Octobre, inscrivez-vous à nos ateliers! De nos jours, où nous sommes entourés de technologie  au quotidien, pouvons-nous accepter de ne pas nous intéresser au

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Happy Digital Day 2019

On Digital Day 2019, over 150 participants explore computer code with TechSpark Academy in Zurich and Lausanne! On September 7th & 8th TechSpark Academy joined Digital

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Since technology is always changing and becoming better and more complex every day, it is slowly becoming imperative to learn as much as we can about it. #coding #tech #edtech

Join us on Feb 7th to discover and demystify computer code. Bring your own PC or Mac if you want to participate in the hands on portion, and enjoy our interactive workshop, while networking with other parents. #TechSparkAcademy #TechSparkDigital #Education

Make #STEM Fun: Tools Your Science-Loving Kids Can Benefit From. #tech #education

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