Teen – Robotics with Arduino

On this course, students learn how to design, assemble and program a robot, using their own Arduino microcontrollers. Coursemates work as a team to build their own remote control robot. They also take part in fun competitions with other robots, using cool tools and weapons they designed.

This is the perfect course for R2-D2 fans who want to learn hands-on robotic programming and build their own robot!

Please note: a hardware surcharge of CHF 100 applies to all Arduino students (they keep their own robots).


Junior – Robotics with LEGO WeDo

Inspiring young minds to learn and create with technology! This course is designed to introduce younger students to technology fundamentals with a series of LEGO coding & robotics projects. Students will take on different missions every day by building and programming their own LEGO robotic models.

The lessons have been developed to engage and motivate primary school students, piquing their interest in learning about design, engineering and coding using motorised models and simple programming.

The course enables pupils to express a wide range of creative solutions as they sketch, build and test prototypes of the designs they create.

Some courses might not be available at every camp – check your preferred location and dates to view course offering.

This course can welcome a maximum of 6 students. Sign up early to secure your spot!  

Top course (particularly popular)

Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board.

To learn more about Arduino visit their website.

  • Age: 12+
  • Skill level: beginner
  • No programming or robotics experience required
  • Their own laptop 
  • Basic robotics: how to assemble your own robot
  • Integration of an Arduino microcontroller (circuit board) into a robot and application of sensors 
  • Basic programming concepts in Arduino
  • A fundamental programming language taught at many universities and used in many industries
  • Their own functioning robot to take home with them

The LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set, which includes 280 bricks, as well as sensors and motors, offers endless possibilities for making abstract concepts concrete by using tangible elements students can manipulate with their hands. Designed with collaboration in mind, each core set supports two students, introducing them to science, computational thinking, and engineering principles in a fun and engaging way.

  • Age 6 – 9
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Basic reading skills
  • No programming or robotics experience required
  • Basic programming & engineering concepts
  • Introduction to the hardware and software of building robots
  • Each robot highlights a new aspect of science along with the underlying scientific principles
  • The children will build and program up to 12 exciting robots with Lego and Scratch
  • Each robot highlights a new aspect of science along with the underlying scientific principles
  • Build and program interactive robots
  • Work with a wide variety of sensors to enhance your robots
  • Team-working and creativity
Meet the expert who developed this course
Loïs Vivian Ewen Bosson, Lausanne
Lois is completing his MSc in Microengineering at EPFL, with a specialisation in micro- and nanosystems. Outgoing and social, Lois helped us make one of our testimonial videos. He is interested in embedded electronic systems and in prototyping projects in the fields of robotics and electronics. He has been the president of the EPFL Robotics Club for many years and has taught at TechSpark Academy since its creation in August 2015.

For every student sign-up we donate CHF 5 to Espoir Jeunes, to help children in Africa create a better future for themselves