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Encouraging Coding for Girls: Nexthink & TechSpark Academy Team Up

TechSpark Academy and our nonprofit branch, TechSpark Giving, have the pleasure of encouraging inspiring young students to further their digital education. Specifically, when it comes to coding for girls, we want to make sure we offer resources to empower them through the use of technology. 

And yes, sometimes girls need a little “extra reason” or incentive to try their hands at coding 🙂

So what better way to promote a valuable use of technology than to encourage our young people to take an interest in coding from an early age? For girls, TechSpark Academy has had the privilege to partner with Nexthink, a Swiss software company based in Lausanne and a leader in digital employee experience. 

Kate and I are grateful to Nexthink’s diversity and inclusion team and for our long-standing and rewarding collaboration with many members of the Nexthink team, including Mario Tarallo, Product Management Director, and Ebba Kalderen, Senior Marketing Manager.

coding for girls

But there is more! The Swiss Olympiads in Informatics 2021 was a prime example of our joined mission. We are absolutely proud of the work done at SOI 2021 and looking forward to supporting students on their SOI journeys this year, while also continuing our cooperation with Nexthink.

Thank you Pedro Bados, Nexthink CEO, and the rest of the team in Lausanne and Boston!


Marta & Kate