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How was your TechSpark?

If you are wondering what to expect at TechSpark Camps – Check Out what other students say about TechSpark…

How was your TechSpark?

I had a lot of fun participating in the programming courses at TechSpark Academy! There we learned how to program games using Python and surprisingly, you need the “programming language” every day! If you think about it, you’ll find it everywhere. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how apps are programed. I learned a lot and had lots of fun!

The Cyber Security Weekend at Google was pretty remarkable. We could see what it’s like to work and learn at Google. There we also saw and learned about the Google Streetview cars and could tour the offices. We worked in teams and helped each other to solve different cyber problems. I made new friends and together we could experience new discoveries.

Thank you Jolie!

Wie war Ihr TechSpark?

Ich habe sehr viel Spaß gehabt, als ich an den Programmierkursen bei TechSpark Academy teilnahm! Dort lernten wir, wie man mit Python, Spiele programmieren kann und überraschenderweise, braucht man die “Programmiersprache” täglich! Nur wenn man ein bisschen nachdenkt, findet man es überall. Seitdem überlege ich mir immer wie Apps programmiert wurden. Ich lernte sehr viel und hatte grossen Spass dabei!

Das Cyber Security Weekend bei Google war ziemlich erstaunlich. Wir konnten sehen, wie es ist, bei Google zu arbeiten und zu lernen. Dort sahen und lernten wir auch über die Google Streetview Autos und wir durften sogar die Büros anschauen. Wir arbeiteten in Teams und halfen einander, verschiedene Cyber Probleme zu lösen. Ich fand neue Kollegen und Kolleginnen und zusammen konnten wir neue Erfahrungen erleben.

Thank you Jolie!

We asked students: ‘If you had to tell a friend about TechSpark – What would you say?’

Hacker Mode – Cybersecurity:

“The course is very interesting and teaches you about things you can apply to real daily life. The schedule is flexible and allows everyone to advance at their own pace. The instructors know what they’re talking about and can explain the content in a very clear way. “

“You experience new stuff, and the course teaches you to think creatively and critically. You learn how to use commands and how to bypass codes and softwares.

“It’s a good exercise of thinking logically and it’s always good to know a bit about programming since it will help you understand stuff.”

“It was exiting and I learned a lot.”

“That you have to want to program. Its very intresting and that you come back everyday knowing something new. That I would definitely do the course again.”

Animation & Game Design:

“It is awesome and cool”

“I would say to a friend  that you would not find teachers who teach so well anywhere else!”

“Its awesome! Really!! You should try it and u get to learn how to hack and defend! Its lit!”

“it was really fun”

“Tech Spark is a great time to learn about tech stuff. I think it is great!”

“Go for it”

“I would say that it’s a fun way to learn something new about computers and that he/she should definitely try it out some time.”

Code in Python Teens & Junior:

“I learned really quickly, and programming is fun. My teacher was very nice and patient, he explains things very well”

“This course was amazing. It is a good time to stay outside and get out of your house during the holidays. I extremely recommend this course for you. You learn a lot during your experiences and you have a lot of fun.”

“This course is the perfect place to start learning coding”

“In 4 days, we managed to cover a lot of ground in Python without getting too theoretical. Amazing!”

“That this course was useful in explaining both python and general coding knowledge”

“You should really do this course, you will really enjoy it and you will have everything explained and it is the best! “

“In the course you can learn so much in a fun way. The teachers are always clear, and it’s so free and chillaxed (chilled and relaxed) yet you keep learning more and want to learn more.”

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