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Siemens & TechSpark Academy Join Forces to Teach Coding Skills to Kids

Following our shared deep-rooted commitment to innovation, we’re pleased to announce that TechSpark Academy has partnered with Siemens in Switzerland to continue promoting the importance of coding skills for children and teenagers. 

Siemens is a technology company that combines the real and the digital worlds. It could not be more fitting and aligned to our mission at TechSpark Academy.

Did you know? Siemens is one of the Top 10 Software Companies in the world. They have more than 430 digital offerings for their clients around the world with a portfolio ranging from data analysis to simulation and cybersecurity. Siemens has invested $10 billion in digital companies in the last 10 years, and more than 1/3 of their patent applications now are related to digital technologies.

Our team is delighted to collaborate with Siemens Switzerland for a junior and teen coding workshop.

Coding Workshop 

When: Coding Workshop – Saturday, Oct 2nd, 2021.

We were blown away by the support and the great work of our partners at Siemens — all of the available spaces were filled up within 48 hours, and everyone had a blast!



Through this joined collaboration, we were pleased to see first-hand how learning about technology can be both fun and extremely useful to young minds.

  • We had 50+ participants within the Teens and Juniors categories.
  • 74% of Teens found coding easier or as expected.
  • 66.7% of Juniors found coding easier or as expected.

And let’s not forget the words from the students themselves when asked about their experience in the coding workshop:

“It was very exciting and I learned a lot. Python is a very simple programming language.”

“It was very cool and I learned a lot. We made great programming games. And I had a lot of fun.”

“It’s witty, it’s fun, you get to know cool things and it’s really interesting. In addition, the supervisors are nice and there are lots of sweet things 💖✨👌❤”

These results definitely fuel our energy to continue organizing more coding workshops in the future.

Grateful for all involved: Siemens + TechSpark Academy

We want to highlight the work of our Siemens’ partners, to whom we are very grateful:

Ophelie Janus


Nadine Paterlini


Karin Meier


And of course, the quick response of our team and co-founders:


Kate Mckee 

Marta Gehring


We look forward to working together with Siemens on more activities in the future to continue our mission of leveraging technology and education for the next generation. Stay tuned!